“Take 30” Webinars

Webinars are a highly effective and time efficient means to staying at the top of your game. Our “Take 30” webinars offer a variety of valuable, informative and practical sessions for business leaders, Property Managers, Business Development team members and Administrative staff to implement into their everyday practice.

Each session is role specific and designed to support participants from major cities to remote locations right across Australia and New Zealand.

In the property management business, there’s no room for anything less than optimum performance. Challenging your practices and continually developing your skills is essential to retain an advantage in this highly competitive and potentially litigious environment. 

Only spend your time on what will add value and make a difference to your career and your business.

Sharpen your skills and:

  • Improve your time management
  • Make better decisions with confidence
  • Grow your business faster
  • Provide greater customer service
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve your profitability


Whichever role you hold in the business, your clients expect the best, our aim is to ensure you have the knowledge and insight to deliver it.


Your Webinar Host, Lisa Pentland

Lisa Pentland Headshot sandstone

Lisa’s passion is to:

  • Develop outstanding business leaders
  • Empower cohesive, high performance property management teams
  • Establish sustainable business development engines
  • Structure fist class administration teams.

Lisa has worked with some of the largest business in Australia and has seen first-hand how creating a powerful environment willing to challenge the status quo, uncompromising on their commitment to provide services they can be proud of lifts a whole team, ensuring every member enjoys a rewarding career and the privileges of a thriving business.

Lisa has identified the “3 P’s” of the Property Management business as “Purpose, Process and Profit” and has a series of strategies she successfully uses to work with business owners and their team members.


Registration is simple

Read the session information below and then click here to register. We will email you a link the morning of your session, so make sure your registration details are filled out!

You will have 2 audio options:

  1. Computer, you can use your PC, phone or tablet (select this if your device has both speakers and a mic.)
  2. Phone, you can dial in using a handset and you will be given a phone number and a unique audio pin to enter

We want your full attention, so we recommend you use headphones, or find a quiet place where we won’t interrupt other people and there’s not too much background noise or interruptions for you. If you have a meeting room available, the whole team can participate!

Click on the link 5 – 10 minutes before the session commences, be ready to take notes and we love your participation, so questions, comments and feedback are all welcome. You can type them in the chat or questions box or save them up to discuss during the open forum Q & A chatroom at the end. You can even email me any questions specific to the session prior at lisa@bwt.com.au.


"Take 30" Webinar Program


More webinars to be announced soon!

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