The Bob Walters Team (BWT) is a group of experienced property management practitioners...

...helping real estate agency owners maximise the performance of their property management businesses and at helping property management teams reach new levels of performance


Bob Walters cropped 2019

Bob is Australia's leading residential property management expert.

Bob's contagious enthusiasm, humour, depth of expertise, professional delivery and impeccable integrity will provide an unforgettable presentation of real world skills, techniques and knowledge that will increase your personal effectiveness in property management immediately.

Unlike many trainers and educators, Bob moves beyond simple "what to do's" and legislative "must nots", and coaches property management practitioners "how to" be more effective, both professionally and personally.

To achieve this, Bob draws on more than 40 years industry experience. This experience includes personally taking an unprofitable, problematic rent roll of 400 properties to a high profit, trailblazing rent roll of 1,800 properties in less than 3 years.


Bob, when he is not training and consulting, owns and operates a specialist residential property management business in Sydney, True Property, .

He is also Australia's largest selling author of property management audio/visual training products.

Bob's specialist training and coaching topics are:

  • Business Development
  • Customer Service
  • Systemisation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Profit Maximisation.

Using powerful delivery strategies and newly emerging insights, Bob Walters will teach, inspire and channel you to new levels of achievement in the field of property management.

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