The Bob Walters Team (BWT) is a group of experienced property management practitioners...

...helping real estate agency owners maximise the performance of their property management businesses and at helping property management teams reach new levels of performance


Dixie cropped

Dixie has an impressive array of professional qualifications and skills.

Absorbing Property Management via osmosis during her marriage to Bob Walters, she worked behind the scenes with Bob during his time owning and managing property management businesses, together with his training and consulting to the industry.

After being the Director of an award-winning Early Childhood Centre, Dixie returned to work with Bob in the real estate arena in The Bob Walters Team (consulting and training) where together they formed the Leading Property Managers of Australia (LPMA) and Leading Property Managers of New Zealand (LPMNZ). 

Managing property management events came easy to Dixie as she had previously managed a number of very large (and successful) events for larger companies, charities, private organisations and individuals. 

Dixie’s calm, professional, no nonsense approach, combined with her personal experience and knowledge makes her events second to none. 

She has a real focus for caring and provides unequalled customer service, adherence to deadlines and makes things happen – all with a sense of fun and professionalism.

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