Grow Your Rent Roll Profitably


Recorded during a live seminar, one of Australia’s leading property management practitioners and educators, Bob Walters, in his unique, humorous way, shows you how to grow the NUMBERS, INCOME AND PROFIT of your rent roll.



Topics covered on this CD include:  

· Why property management is a great business 

· Growing the business the DUMB way and the SMART way 

· It’s not only about growth but also what you do to reduce or eliminate losses from your rent roll 

· “All inclusive” fee packages - do they really work? 

· Why increasing the INCOME from your rent roll is often better than increasing the NUMBER of properties on your rent roll 

· How to increase your profit by up to 50%.


Here is what some attendees had to say about Bob’s presentation:  

“Inspirational Bob- great presentation!” 

“As always you breathe life into property management- well done!” 

“Thanks Bob- superb stuff! One of the best deliveries I have heard!” 

“Fantastic presentation! I love the simple concept of adding 50% to our profit! I will promptly be doing an audit on our files!” 


Bob Walters is one of Australia’s leading authorities on residential property management.  


His achievements include:  

• organically growing 3 rent rolls in excess of 3,000 properties 

• consulting to over 350 property management businesses across Australia and New Zealand, including some of the industry’s best

 • personally training in excess of 20,000 property management practitioners 

• authoring many leading property management books, audio and visual learning products.


About Bob Walters- Bob founded the Leading Property Managers of Australia (LPMA), a specialist group of elite property management businesses in 2007. LPMA has now grown to be a leading force in the property management industry in Australia.



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